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Thetford Elementary School

Thetford, Vermont

Homework Assignments


Sept 2012


























Name ________________________________________________________

Homework Planner: 6/6 – 6/9/11

All assignments are due on Thursday, 6/9/11.

Please remember to turn this sheet in with your assignments at the end of the week!




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30 minutes per day (recorded in reading log)




SAB pages: Unit 1-p.67, Unit 2-p.10, Unit 4-p.32, Unit 5-p.33, Unit 6-p.6, 52



Corrections - last week’s packet



Word Study

Correct last week's quiz



Family Conversation

Field Trip!




*Adult/Partner Signature Required






Parent Signature ______________________________________________



Word Study Homework Menu 

Directions: Check your homework planning sheet to see how many activities need to be completed this week. Choose the activities from the list below that will be best for you. Complete your work in your Word Study Notebook. Check off the activities you complete for homework this week on the menu below.




*Buddy Study: Have someone read your word cards to you. Point to the group each word goes into without looking at the card.


*No-Peeking Writing Sort: This is the same as the Buddy Study, except you write the words in your Word Study notebook under their headings instead of moving the cards.


SAW (Sort-Alphabetize-Write): Sort your word cards into their columns. Then, alphabetize the words in the columns. Finally, write these sorted and alphabetized columns into your notebook.


Word Hunt: Look for 10 words in your reading that fit your pattern this week. Write these words in your Word Study notebook under their headings.  THESE DO NOT NEED TO BE WORDS FROM YOUR LIST!


Word Sentences: Use your words in sentences that show what the words mean. You may use as many words in a sentence as you like, as long as the sentence makes sense. Underline each word


Dictionary Entries: Look up 10 of your words in a dictionary. Copy the definition, the pronunciation guide, and the part of speech.

Illustrations: Draw a picture that goes with each of your words. Label each picture with its word.

Story: Write a story using all of your words. Underline each word.

*Speed Sort: This is the same as a Buddy Study, but this time, have your partner set a timer before you begin your sort. Record how long it takes you to sort your words. REPEAT. See if you can beat your first time!


REMEMBER: Get your partner’s signature in your notebook for those activities with a *!