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Foreign Language

This year in Spanish class,

These first two weeks of classes we will be welcoming each other back to school.  We will set up expectations of behavior in Spanish class.  We will also talk about the materials we should have in class.

In grades 5-6 we will review basic phrases.    In order to help the students review they can play the "Frases Importantes" game on sporcle.  My sporcle page is linked below in the resource section.  All games that I have created on sporcle are specifically for my students at TES and the Newton School.  I will be adding new activities and games for the students on sporcle as we learn more material.  Students can also review some material from last year by looking at the other games on the site.


Overview of the Spanish Program
Students at Thetford Elementary School learn Spanish starting in KINDERGARTEN!  K-2 students will have Spanish class once a week.  In these grades we focus on the most practical vocabulary using games, songs, stories and acting.  Third graders will have two Spanish classes a week, and so they will have a more in depth look at the basic vocabulary.  All of the students in the younger grades will learn how to introduce themselves, express their emotions, and talk about their favorite things.
In grades four five and six, the students have Spanish class four times a week!  This allows us to go much further with our studies.  In the upper grades, students will still be exposed to  games, songs, stories and other cultural aspects of life in Spanish speaking areas.  The students will also learn the basics of Spanish grammar.  We will be roughly following the curriculum set out in the Realidades textbook.  This year in class, we will review the basics of introducing ourselves, expressing what we like and how we feel.  We will learn about our school and the world around us.  The students will learn about Spanish grammar and will learn how to use regular verbs and selected irregular verbs in the present tense.  

My goal is to get elementary learners excited about learning a foreign language and the world around them by having a fun curriculum that allows them to express their strengths while improving upon their weaknesses. It is important that students learn about hispanohablante (Spanish-speaking) and other cultures so that they may better understand others and become valuable members of what is rapidly becoming a world culture.  We will be adapting  the program so that we can run some units alongside units being taught in other subjects.  Examples of this may include artist studies in Spanish and Art, author studies in Spanish and Library or Multimedia presentations in Technology and Spanish, just to name a few ideas.


In order to facilitate home learning I will be posting various resources here on the webpage.  I will try to put links to PDFs of the vocabulary and some work sheets.  To start off I want to provide access to the vocabulary your students will be seeing this year.

Vocabulary Chapters 1 - 6.  The PDF that is attached has the content covered in Chapters 1-6 of the Spanish book I am using (which is the book they use at Thetford Academy).  This hope is that this year the 5th and 6th graders will cover Chapters 1-3.  

Weather Memory Game  These cards were made for the 1st and 2nd graders because we studied weather words in the month of December.  Other classes could use these too, and may be seeing them later in the year.


Sporcle is a website that allows people to post games or quizzes.  I have added a few quizzes that can be used to help the students study and see their progress.  They will get their scores and compare them to the overall results.  I can see how people are doing on my quizzes, but I cannot see who got which score, so please quiz away, challenge your friends and family members without being afraid of me seeing your score.  Sporcle does limit the number of quizzes I can add each month, so I have started with the harder vocabulary that the 5th and 6th graders are seeing.  In the next few months I will be adding more vocabulary for the younger grades too!  For now there is a quiz on the colours, the calendar and some animals.  Enjoy!