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Special Services

Thetford Elementary School provides Special Education services to eligble students. The term 'special education' means specially designed instruction which cannot be provided through the regular education program. These supports are provided at no cost to the parent and meet the unique needs of an elegible child in the least restrictive environment.

Supports might include alternative instruction that focuses on the student's specific needs, classroom accommodations and physical adaptations. A free and appropriate education is available to all children who have been referred for Special Education, who are being evaluated for Special Education or who are eligible for Special Education. Our school provides Special Education to meet a student's individual needs. Parents are involved throughout the decision making process.

If a child is found eligible for Special Education, the child's team, which includes parents, teachers and the principal, develops an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The IEP annually outlines goals, objectives, accommodations, and services. Goals are tied to the Vermont Grade Expectations and address the child's individual learning needs. For example, a child who requires a different type of reading instruction might have written into his/her IEP, goals that outline a systematic and sequential study of language instead of accessing the regular education reading program. Another example might be IEP goals that outline more repetition and practice for a particular concept, so that a child is able to access the regular classroom curriculum.

Thetford Elementary School recognizes that children have different needs and Special Education is one avenue that helps support these learning differences.



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Occupational Therapy:  Janeen Nemes, OTR


Thetford Elementary School provides services for students with special needs in accordance with the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and Vermont state regulations.

Thetford Elementary School provides a continuum of special education services for students based on individual needs and Team recommendations. These services may include, but are not limited to, specially designed instruction for academics, speech/language, occupational therapy, behavior management, therapy, social skills, study skills and physical therapy.

Teachers and specialists work collaboratively with parents of students identified as requiring special education services. In order to provide the highest quality education and set high expectations for our students, all input from staff and parents are considered in developing programming. We always welcome teacher and parent questions and concerns.

Students that are already receiving special education services are assigned a case manager that is identified on your child’s IEP. The case manager is always happy to address parent questions or direct you to the appropriate person to help you.

For parents wanting to learn more about the special education process, you should feel free to contact either of the Special Educators or the Speech and Language Pathologist.

 Services that might be accessed include:

Comprehensive Evaluations: A full range of evaluations and assessments

Learning Center Services: These services provide academic instruction to students identified in need of special education services both in and out of class settings.

Related Services also include the following:


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Counseling and other related services as deemed necessary for students

Speech and Language Services:

Speech and language training is provided to special education students who have speech or language services included in their Individualized Education Plans.  Services may also be provided to students who have 504 Plans or Educational Support Team (EST) Plans.  Speech and Language services may include screening, evaluation, training or consultation in any the following areas:

·    Speech sound awareness (phonemic awareness)
·    Production of speech sounds (articulation)  
·    Oral language comprehension (processing and understanding of oral language)
·    Oral language expression (use of vocabulary and grammatical structures; oral narration)

·    Pragmatic language skills (functional use of language for communication and conversation) 
·    Support for students with hearing impairment
·    Voice quality (pitch; resonance; healthy use of voice)
·    Fluency (stuttering)

You may also check the following link for information about speech and language development in elementary school children: