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Thetford Elementary School

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Welcome to the Music Page!

Jessica Pierpont, Teacher


Welcome to the Thetford Elementary School Music Classroom! 

My name is Ms. Pierpont and I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful school and community here in Thetford. 

Teaching Mission and Goals 

My goal as a teacher and mentor is to teach any student willing to learn about themselves and about others. I believe through my teaching process, students learn through Responsive Classroom and Project-based Learning. I want my students from all different backgrounds and experiences to enter my class and leave learning more about themselves and who they are as an individual. Through self reflection and self realization my students will experience how to best deal with the problems and tasks at hand. Students will work in an academic and social setting collaborating with experienced and non-experienced music students, and from people with different cultural backgrounds. My goal is to create an aesthetically rewarding experience for all my students through aural techniques with a focus on creating art. I want my students to feel, learn, and experience what music truly is and how it effects all of our lives in such positive and powerful ways. Students will learn that their growth as a person can influence their outlook on life, art and relationships. I will be able to assess my students' progress by analyzing class participation including formal presentations, participation, listening and observational analysis. These methods of assessment will help me determine the level of growth an individual student has made both personally and in a group or larger setting. All of these methods are intended to enhance comprehension of music skills as it pertains to my class i.e. choral music, singing, history, music theory etc...My ultimate goal is to teach each student that working diligently to achieve their best self will positively influence others both inside and outside the music experience. 

I plan each class per semester and this year based on where the students are in their musical aptitude and structure a map of how the students will proceed forward. Classes can consist of intense dictation and sight- singing and other times focused on practicing listening skills and developing the ear. In either case, I strive to create a well- rounded experience for all of my students no matter the grade level or experience. 

I hope that all of my students feel welcomed and safe to learn aspects of music and practice being the best person they can possibly be. 

I encourage communication, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work with your children! 

Musically yours, 

Ms. Pierpont 




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